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“Made with love and care with you in mind to feel beautiful while healing naturally and affordably”

Gina Franklin / Co-Founder & CEO


My name is Gina Franklin and I am the CEO of Generation Skin LLC.
I want to introduce you to a new product that was designed and created for women called
"Sunset Bloom."

It is a Universal Breast Scar Rejuvenation Patch.

Along with my business partner and co-founder MarCee Reimbold, we incorporated this company in November 2016 and began our journey into making my dream product a reality.

Here is my testimony of the passion, drive and commitment that inspired me to come up with this concept.

This all started in 2005 following a lift/augmentation breast procedure I had.

Within 24 hours I had complications. It was urgent that I undergo a second surgery. I had a pain pump administered and it had hit a vein causing an incredibly painful swelling hematoma.

When I thought I should be on my way with a speedy recovery to a wonderful desired look, I was not. I felt the opposite of beautiful. I was already warned the possible loss of feeling in my breast as well as scar tissue. Of course as expected, I did have scars and tried to do what I could to diminish them.

My doctor recommended silicone bandages. There was nothing on the market at the time for post surgical breast procedures. The only options were overpriced sheeting online or tiny 1 inch bandages from the local drug store at a huge mark up!

You also had to cut and add parts in order to fit and cover your scars. You end up wasting more product than you can actually use.

It got to the point of debating to continue scar treatment or to go without. I was determined to find a happy medium.

"Sunset Bloom" by Generation Skin has the best in overall quality, beauty and coverage. I have tested other medical silicone products. They do not stay on very well, fit or hold up to our durability and flexibility.

Some companies suggest or require you to purchase additional attachments and products like cream and tape to attain the desired results. That can increase up to a few hundred dollars just for one application!
We went far and beyond to design and create a beautiful, water-resistant beneficial patch that is reusable and unique. Our product contains no medication.

The truth in healing is the emotional state of mind can make a huge impact on your ultimate recovery when it comes to ourselves and our body. No matter what the circumstances are.

This has been many years in the making and I still find it to be a wonderful and exciting ideal product as I envisioned back then when I was not feeling so pretty and confident post-surgical.

I am confident that our "Sunset Bloom" flower patches give you a wonderful and uplifting experience.
Inside and out.

With that I want to say "Be happy and be well."

Gina Franklin

About us


Co-Founder & CEO

Gina Franklin is the Co-Founder and CEO of Generation Skin. Gina was born and raised in Southern California and Studied Arts and Real Estate. She had a successful career working in Customer Service, Business Development and Sales. She enjoys working and helping people while being a part of making a difference. Gina created the concept for Generation Skin’s Universal Breast Patches after undergoing major surgery, leaving her breasts severely scarred. After trying every option on the market, she realized there was no product available that would support the breasts, treat scars fast, sufficiently cover scars of all sizes and origin, looked beautiful, and wouldn’t cost the consumer an arm and a leg. So, she came up with the concept for the Generation Skin “Sunset Bloom” Universal Scar Patch.


Co-Founder & CFO

MarCee Reimbold is the Co-founder and CFO of Generation Skin.

MarCee is a Southern California native who once co-owned a very successful sheet metal company in Orange County.

Her mission is to help people on this planet. Investing in and developing a product in a wellness company to promote healing has been a personal endeavor for MarCee. When she was approached by Co-Creator, Gina Franklin, and was pitched the concept for a universal patch for scar healing, she decided to partner with Gina and took the steps to get Generation Skin up and running.

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